Packaging Iinstructions for the Express Bottle I


The new packaging Express Bottle I consist of an interior grill and a box in which the packaged and protected object will be placed following the mounting of the grill. The required steps to assemble the grill are as follows:

Cut the first square from the outer cardboard strip at the provided grooves (Figure 1).  You will use these two snippets for extra protection of the bottle that you are packing.  One snippet will be placed approximately at the middle of the bottle and the second snippet at the neck of the bottle.  Then you will fold the cardboard on both sides in order to form the base and the holder of the neck of the bottle, as shown in the following figure (Figure 2)


After constructing the two holding openings for the bottle, place the bottle inside the base and place around the bottle the two snippets that you have cut from the outer cardboard strip, ensuring that they are placed at the level of the grooves which will receive the 'ears' which extend out.  (Figures 3 and 4)

(Figures 3 και 4)


Close the top of the cardboard by covering the neck of the bottle, place the packaging in a horizontal position and start rotating on the four sides. (Figures 5 and6)      

(Figures 5 και 6)



After having constructed the wrapping of the bottle, close the special security flap on the side. (Figures 7, 8 και 9)

(Figures 7, 8 και 9)


Next close the security flap at the top side of the grill and place the inner packaging inside the protective outer box. (Figures 10 and 11)

Upon completion of the packaging make sure you seal it using the adhesive seal, which is the only external seal of the package.