ACS Web Connect

Credit clients now have the ability to schedule, manage and control their shipments through an Online application that does not require installation on their computer. Everything is done through the internet.

ACS offers its corporate clients the Web version of ACS Connect, in the event that your company policy does not allow the installation of third-party applications. The features and benefits of the Web version are the same as those of the version that requires the installation of the corresponding software on your computer.

The application requires access codes. The codes will be sent to your e-mail, upon signing the relevant 'ACS Connect Application - Installation License Agreement'. This form can be obtained after contacting our sales manager.. Sending your passwords will complete the activation of your account for the use of ACS Web Connect.

If you have already acquired ACS Connect access codes, you will need to activate the ACS Web Connect application to your account by selecting Customer Code Connection.

If you have already acquired access codes, which you are using to enter the Windows version, then you can use the same codes to use the Web version as well.

In order to manage your shipments and orders through the Internet and to carry out your work from any computer, click on the link ACS Web Connect. For more information on the use of ACS Web Connect click Instructions and User's Manual.

A trial run is available using demo codes (enter the word "demo" in all fields of the Registration screen) for quick 'acquaintance' with the program and the creation/ monitoring of "50 virtual shipments” to see how simple the application is through the internet as well.