Select Customer Category

Select Customer Category

The classification in a Client Category allows for the provision of specific information and services by category. Choosing the right category allows you to benefit from additional advantages.

ACS offers its services by segregating its clientele base into corporate contract clients and private individuals. Services are always provided, regardless of client category, with view to quality, speed and reliability.

Select the category you belong to:

Individual Clients–Retail Clients: The settlement of shipments is carried out in cash. Individual – trade clients who pay for their shipments in cash are provided with the ACS Member card of privileges and reward.

Corporate Clients– Credit Clients:This category includes Professionals, Businesses and Large Organizations that fulfil the condition of minimum monthly shipments. Customers falling into this category can settle their invoices on credit. Contract clients are provided with electronic tools for shipment management (ACS Connect and ACS Web Connect) as well as applications to better serve their customers through the internet (ACS Web Business Tools)