Additional International Services

Regards deliveries at the agreed timing with money-back guarantee.

Regards deliveries usually by 10:00 am, wherever feasible.

Regards deliveries usually by 12:00 am, wherever feasible.

Regards the issuance of a Protocol Number at delivery of the consignment and the return of the protocol number to the shipper.

Collection or Delivery of consignments during official national and local feasts and holidays.

Each shipment that is fulfilled via the ACS Network (to Cyprus, Albania and Bulgaria), is automatically secured for loss or damage up to the amount of 70€ for documents and 220€ for objects, and up to the amount of 85€ for all other international shipments.

Higher value objects can be insured for bigger amounts, with an insurance fee.

Delivery of shipments to Cyprus to destinations outside the cities – Remote/Difficult to Access areas (DAs) (DΧ, D1, D2, D3), will have an additional delivery time of 1-5 working days. The Postal Codes of these areas are listed on ACS’s website. In case a client wishes faster delivery, he/she may opt for additional direct delivery service to the DA areas of Cyprus (on the same day or the following day of arrival in Cyprus, depending on arrival time) following agreement for additional charge.