Creating a Corporate Customer Code

The Corporate Customer Code will give you the following benefits:

  • Special rates at a significant discount.
  • Delivery of your shipments without direct payment.
  • Bulk pricing with a frequency proportional to the quantity of your shipments.
  • License to use the ACS Connect Application for online management of your shipments.
  • Scheduled pickup times.
  • Information via the ACS Web Site and ACS Connect regarding your shipments and your scheduled orders (Courier calls).
  • Retrieval of your invoices in PDF format for keeping your accounting department updated.
  • Retrieval of the analysis of your invoices in Excel for review and electronic updating of your computer system and books.
  • Sending an SMS and/or e-mail for deliveries or delivery problems.
  • Provision of information for improvement of your client files (electronic filing of errors in addresses, names etc).

To obtain the corporate client code and to take advantage of the benefits provided to corporate clients please fill the Request a Quote Form and obtain an offer of co-operation from ACS Courier.