ACS Web Business Tools

ACS now gives you the opportunity to take advantage of electronic services through the integration of new web tools to your website or to your computer program (ERP).

In case you are a Credit Client of ACS and you wish to use - embed these tools in your IT program or Web Site please contact the ACS store serving you or ACS sales representative responsible for your account or call ACS at (0030)210-8190000 or e-mail ACS at

If you are not a credit customer you can request a financial offer by clicking here and the Sales department will respond to your request soon.

The address for the Web Business Tools (concerns only technicians - IT - administrators with password to the Site - ACS Connect) is:

With these new tools, both your customers and your employees who are involved with courier shipments will have easy access to the following data:

Limit the delayed deliveries which are due to incorrect or incomplete addresses. Check if the delivery address of your customer is correct and prevent errors. Instruct your customers to enter the information and details of their orders accurately and analytically.

Find out yourself and your customers of the nearest ACS service point and of any difficult to access destinations.

Give your customers the ability to track their shipments in your own website either through the shipment code of ACS or through the code of their order.

Your customers as well as you will always be up to date with the progress of the shipments based on their point of origin and their destination.

In this way you reduce the need for frequent calls to Customer Care and at the same time increase the visits to your website.

You can customise your own shipping costs to your customers either according to the products they have selected or the choice of shipment conveyance.

Your customer will be able to choose the preferable courier services according to their exact cost as well as the estimated delivery time.

Gather your orders, use your corporate application or your website, use your office printer and print the voucher of your shipments yourself on a tag.

Gain time and security and give impetus to your employees who carry out your daily correspondence.

No need for software installation or other equipment.

Incorporate Your logo.

Have you issued your own proof of shipment? Would you like our courier to visit you for the pick-up?

Your time is too precious to waist on call waiting. So, use the ordering tool to submit the desired date and time of the pick-up appointment and we will follow your instructions.

ACS Web Business Tools (web video / full HD)