International Transportation Services

In this section you will find all the information about ACS International Transportation and Courier Services.

Basic International Courier Services
Choose ACS for all your international shipments and gain speed, safety and significant discounts!

Additional International Services
Guaranteed Delivery, Morning Delivery and Return of Signature / Protocol, upon agreement with the International Department.

Customs Paperwork & Useful Forms
See the accompanying documents for non-commercial shipments outside the European Union and how to complete them.

Unacceptable Items
Find out which items ACS does not accept for shipment, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

Insurance for International Shipments
Automatic insurance of your shipments for loss or destruction, as well as additional insurance possibilities for your valuable items.

International Pricelists
Find out all ACS International Services Pricelists.

Clarifications for International Courier Services

The international courier services regard specialized fast conveyance of postal items monitored by SPITTS*, with pickup and delivery in Greece. Specialized fast conveyance means the conveyance which has distinct characteristics regarding handling, transmission and delivery times; characteristics which are offered as an option to meet the users’ needs. It pertains the collection, preparation, conveyance and distribution of postal items bearing an EDV* with the personal information of the sender and the recipient. The postal items are monitored by a special system for tracking shipment routes (SPITTS), as defined by the existing legislation. The service is carried out according to the procedures and operation times of ACS and can be modified upon agreement, as specified by the sender client.

* explanations follow

  • The Special Postal Items Track & Trace System (SPITTS) is the information system for Shipment tracking and tracing. ACS-Online covers all the requirements provisioned by the law regarding SPITTS.
  • The Express Delivery Voucher (EDV) or POD or Voucher or Proof of conveyance is the document (a pleated-page or one page document) or sticker used for shipment identification, conveyance and tracking, which contains the necessary information required for sound execution of the provided services. It covers all the needs provisioned by the postal legislation respecting the EDV as well as the collection of all necessary information for updating the SPITTS.