Retail Customers

ACS Courier has for years earned a great distinction. It has received the recognition for quality services from many individuals or trade persons with many or lesser monthly shipments.

The clients in ACS’s client base confirm this distinction by the way in which they pay for the rendered services, which in this case is payment in cash.

ACS serves its cash paying clients with responsibility for the preference and confidence that they show and constantly tries to offer more services of better quality and prices.

In recent years, ACS has established the ACS Member client award program to better serve the cash paying clients, offering its permanent clients privileges and discounts on the services it offers. In parallel, the cash paying clients can obtain from ACS stores the ready to ship packages Express Envelope and Express Box which are combined with the Company’s discount offer ACS Combo Express, which regards the conveyance of standardised packages at lower prices than those of other services. Lastly, the cash paying customers receive special privileges regarding their immediate notification by SMS ή e-mail for their shipment delivery – a service offered to them completely free of charge.

ACS Member Loyalty Program
Learn about the ACS Member Transaction Reward Card. A reward card for paying in customers - lots of offers and big surprises!

Claim Administration
Thank you for sharing your complaints with ACS. All of us at ACS continuously try to ensure that the services we provide meet your expectations.