Basic International Courier Services

ACS’s basic international services regard the collection, sorting, conveyance and delivery of postal items at predetermined times which differ according to the destination. To serve you better, ACS has secured partnerships with Courier companies worldwide, to meet your needs for destinations where ACS does not maintain its own distribution network. 

For more urgent as well as for more economical international shipments, ACS offers you the best options!  Select the services that best suit your needs and send your shipments around the world with the safety and consistency of ACS.

1. International Courier Services

Find out about the International Courier Services in the following descriptions:

This service is the best choice for your urgent shipments to and from the ACS International Network countries (Cyprus, Albania and Bulgaria), as it combines the speed, safety and consistency of the ACS autonomous network (which handles shipments) with preferential charges, up to 50% lower than those of the International Companies.

This service regards less urgent consignments to and from E.U. countries with collection and delivery within 2-8 business days, at prices that are up to 60% lower than the ACS Express International Services.

The service pertains to Express shipments to the entire World (Zones 1-5), at preferential tariffs, which are up to 30% lower than those of International Companies.

Service for imports from the entire world (Zone 1-5) with unique privileges for professionals and enterprises (following communication with ACS’s International Department).


World Express and World Import Express are being charged with a 12% fuel surcharge as a percentage of the official pricelist, as of March 1st, 2011.

Find out about the indicative delivery times* regarding the Basic International Courier Services from ACS’s official pricelist (PDF - 648KB) on pages 6 & 7.

2. Low-Cost International Courier Services

Refers to low-cost shipping of parcels of 1kg to 40kg to European Union countries by road transport.

Refers to low-cost shipping of envelopes and parcels of 1kg to 40kg from Greece to Cyprus by sea transport.

Low-cost road transport of parcels up to 31.5 kg to European Union countries, in cooperation with the DPD network, with highly competitive prices to destinations in Germany.


* Note

Deliveries to other countries and the respective delivery times primarily relate to deliveries within main cities and deliveries to recipient’s address. In cases of deliveries to other countries at destinations outside the cities or at remote locations / destinations as well as in cases of lack of exact address, the respective time and method of delivery may change according to the delivery criteria of the collaborating courier companies in these countries or of their representatives. These deliveries may be carried out on a case-by-case basis to the nearest point of service of the collaborating courier company or of the ACS representative or they may be delivered at their discretion in accordance with the procedures followed in the said region (in collaboration with other courier companies or the universal postal service provider of each country).

Specifically for Cyprus, deliveries to destinations outside the cities – Remote/Difficult to access areas (DAs) (D1, D2, D3), will entail an additional delivery time of 1-5 working days. The Postal Codes of these areas are listed on ACS’s website. In case a client wishes faster delivery, he/she may opt for additional direct delivery service to the DA areas of Cyprus (on the same day or the following day of arrival in Cyprus, depending on arrival time) following agreement for additional charge.