Frequent questions

To easily create an ACS Account in the new site of ACS you should follow the following steps:
1. Start by choosing on the top right grey area of the home page the field Register.
2. Once you fill in the required fields and select Create Account you will receive in the e-mail you stated your temporary secret password. You can modify this password if you wish by selecting  Change Password.
3. To gain access to the information and to the applications that draw user shipment data from the main system of ACS, you will need to connect your ACS customer code with the username in the new website. If you are an ACS Member card holder the procedure is activated automatically. If you are a trade- credit customer, you will have to submit relevant request. Please visit the page Custore Code Connection (to login or request access).
Depending on the customer category you belong to, different access levels are assigned. Specifically:

Α. Ordinary User of the ACS site

In this case enter the username and the password that you hold and browse as visitor.

Β. ACS Member Customer

If you are an ACS member card holder, please visit the Customer Code Connectionpage and in the field “ ACS Member Client” enter the code of your card (13 digits) and the password that has been sent to you by SMS during your registration as an ACS Member. In the event that you do not remember the password you can retrieve it by visiting the page Retrieve Password or by calling ACS’s Customer Service in case that you did not submit your mobile phone or e-mail while filling the fields for your ACS Member Card.


Γ. Credit Customer

If you are a credit client and wish to have online updates of your shipments, invoices and all new applications provided by the new ACS site, please visit the Customer Code Connection page to submit a request. The process of entering your passwords is done automatically. If you wish to use the new ACS Web Connect application and you are prompted for passwords visit the Password Retrieval page to be automatically sent to the email you stated in your ACS contract.

4. In the event that you do not remember your password you can retrieve it by visiting the page Retrieve Password. In case you you did not submit your mobile phone or e-mail when filling in your agreement with ACS, please call the ACS Customer Service.
5. Your registration is now completed, and you have access to the data corresponding to the customer category you belong to.

The Track and Trace application at the Home Page of the site or in the quick Access filed, provides updates information about your shipment.

The Cost Calculation app allows you to be informed about the exact cost and delivery time of your shipment. Users can be informed in the form of a table about the shipments compatible with the selected services and the corresponding alternative costs

The Cost Calculation application provides the ability to customers who have completed the Customer Code Connection process, to see the exact cost of their shipment depending on the price list applicable to them. (ACS Member discounts and the company's current offers for paying in cash customers are calculated, while credit clients will be informed about the cost based on their contract with the company).

To find easily and quickly which is the ACS point nearest to your location, select the new ACS Store Locator app. Enter the address information you want and choose from the recommended ACS stores the one that serves you best serves and see the detailed instructions to get there.

Please click  here to access the relevant proforma invoice page (proforma invoice E1509), which you should print out and fill in the required fields in English ( PDF αρχείο). 

It is clarified that the form is used only for countries outside the European Union and for non-commercial exports-shipments, which have no commercial value, e.g. samples or materials for internal use (commercial shipments are usually machines for repair and re-import, products for sale, samples, gifts, high value items, etc.)
In the page Customs Paperwork and International Courier you may also find other useful documents for your International Shipments.

Every shipment's charge depends on the combination of size and weight (measuring of volume by IATA). If the volumetric weight of the shipment is bigger than the net weight, the shipment will be charged due to the volumetric weight, which is calculated by using the formula below:

Length x Width x Height in centimeters / 5000 = Volumetric Weight in kilograms

To keep the safety of your shipment's delivery, ACS created for you a new series of products for the secure transportation of your documents and small parcels, which you can obtain from the closest ACS service point (for further information, please visit the relative page ACS Combo Express).

Use the Cost Calculation   application and you will be informed whether the consignee's address is considered as a difficult to access location and the cost of your shipment.

If your shipment failed to arrive or arrived damaged you must contact the branch of reception (if you are the sender) or the branch of delivery (if you are the consignee) and inform them with the full description of the goods, the packaging and the parcel's number. In order to be informed about the customer complaint procedure please click here.
Please note that damage to goods in transit is frequently the result of inadequate packaging. Please see our packaging tips for advice on how to minimize the risk of damage to your shipments.