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International Courier Services

ACS's international courier services regard the collection, sorting, conveyance and delivery of postal items at predetermined times which differ according to destination.  To serve you better, ACS has secured partnerships with Courier companies worldwide, to meet your needs for destinations where ACS does not maintain its own distribution network.  

ACS offers you the best options for more urgent as well as more economic international shipments!  Select the services that best suit your needs and send your shipments around the world with the safety and consistency of ACS.

ACS World Import

This is a new Door to Door service for all worldwide imports, which entails unique privileges for professionals and enterprises (shipping of consignments should be following an agreement with ACS International Sales Department).


Deliveries to other countries and the respecting delivery times primarily relate to deliveries within main cities and deliveries to recipient addresses.  In cases of deliveries to other countries at destinations outside the cities or at remote locations / destinations as well as in cases of lack of exact address, the respective time and method of delivery may change according to the delivery criteria of the collaborating courier companies in these countries or of their representatives.  These deliveries may be carried out on a case by case basis to the nearest point of service of the collaborating courier company or of the ACS representative or they may be delivered at their discretion in accordance with the procedures followed in the said region (in collaboration with other courier companies or the universal service provider of the country).