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The company was established in March 1998 as an international courier service operator via an alliance with Skynet Worldwide Express. At that time it was operating under the name Ledra Transport Services Ltd and managed to compete successfully with the other major market operators. Throughout its initial years the company was a leading provider of innovative wide range of services in addition to a very competitive pricing policy.

Early in 2000 a cooperation began with ACS Courier (Greece) on the base of exchange between the two companies of delivery services for the route Greece – Cyprus & vice versa. This newalliance leaded in May 2002 the two companies in forminga new company called ACS Air Courier Services (Cyprus) Ltd, which replaced Ledra Transport Services Ltd. ACS Cyprus Ltd obtained the new position in the Cyprus market and started using all the know-how and software technologyof ACS Courier (Greece). During the same year ACS logos became visible all over the island indicating the beginning of a new era in the courier business of the country.

The new millennium is seen as a period of active times at ACS Cyprus. The purchase of new fleet of vehicles, the expansion of the offices, the training of the employees, and the upgrading of the computerized systems are part of the policy for improved customer service. Every year the company introduces new services, which are tailor-made to the needs of individuals and companies alike that send or receive parcels and documents occasionally or on a regular basis.

ACS Cyprus today has an extensive presence and operations throughout the island. In addition as an innovator ACS Cyprus enjoys particular strength in quality service.