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The use of the website or (henceforth "the website"), which ismanaged by the company named «ACS INTERNATIONAL TRANSPORT AND FACILITIES COMMERCIAL LIMITED COMPANY» and with trade mark «ACS» (henceforth ACS) is subject to its terms of use and to the present STATEMENT OF PRIVACY PROTECTION - SECURITY AND CONFIDENTIALITY POLICY (the Statement or Policy), which is part of the terms of use.

ACS respects the privacy of each user of its Site.  This report summarizes the information that ACS may collect and the way it may use it as well as information on the actions that the Website user may assume if he/she does not agree with the collection of information or with any further processing of his/her personal information during his/her visit to the Site.

The present terms of privacy protection can be reviewed and updated at any time and without prior notice.  Users are requested to check at regular intervals the said terms for possible changes, since continuation of the use of the website implies that they accept all possible modifications to the terms.

Collection, processing and Privacy Protection - Rights of Subjects

The user can visit much of the website and its subpages without disclosing his/her identity and without providing any personal information.  However, access to some areas of the website requires user registration to obtain a password and/or to collect the user's personal information for specific reasons, such as those discussed herein.

ACS may keep a Record of any user information (eg name, address, phone number, e – mail address) (henceforth "personal data"), and may edit it, which are provided to it through the Site.  ACS collects personal data of users only when they themselves provide them voluntarily for access to the mentioned applications or to services which are available through the website.

The posting of user data when registering in the website for the provision of services through it implies user consent to the collection, use and transmission of his/her personal data under the terms of this privacy protection policy.  However, the user is further required to specifically and explicitly give his/her consent to this effect, by accepting the present terms prior to the completion of the registration process.

In particular, the user accepts and consents that ACS, under the terms of the provisions of Law 2472/1997 as amended by Law 3471/2006 and in force, maintains on file and processes the user's personal data which are collected through the website for access to the provided online applications, for his/her servicing, for support and execution of trading between the user and ACS, for statistical or historical reasons as well as for general purposes of promoting the products and services of ACS, following the user's specific consent to this effect.

Furthermore, the user explicitly gives his/her consent to ACS to update him/her about products and/or services through any means of electronic communication, unless he/she explicitly elects not to receive such updates.  In any case, the user may oppose, at any time he/she wishes, the use of his/her e-mail or other personal data for updates about new products and/or services, by sending a message to the following address

At any time, the user reserves the right to information, access or opposition to the further processing of personal data under Articles 11, 12 and 13 of Law 2472/97 on privacy protection.  To exercise their rights, users can communicate with ACS at the following electronic address helpdesk@acscyprus.comor at the address, 12 Voucourestiou 2033, Strovolos, Tel. (+357) 77 77 73 73

Unless explicitly ordered by the Law and/or the Competent Authorities, ACS will not engage in the notification, disclosure, transmission, dissemination or other form of disclosure of any information provided by the user without his/her consent.

In the event that the ACS website users move to websites of third parties through special links (links, hyperlinks, banners), ACS will not be responsible for the management and protection of personal data applied by these third parties.

Statistical data of browsing

In some cases, when a user visits or uses the Website, technical information that is not personally identifiable may be collected automatically (i.e. not via registration).  Examples of such information is the type of Internet Browser used by the user, the type of operating system of the computer used by the user for visiting the Website and the domain name of the website used by the user to connect to the Website.

Use of Cookies and Pixel Tags

Cookies are data files which are transferred by a web server to the computer of the person who visits the Site, with the intent to maintain statistical data.  Cookies are an industry standard used by most websites and facilitate the repeated access of users to a specific website and its use.  Cookies are not harmful for your computer system or your files and only the website from which a particular cookie was transferred on your computer can read, modify, or delete it.  If you do not wish that information be collected through cookies, you can use the settings witch most web browsers provide to delete existing cookies and to either elect that future cookies be automatically discarded or to decide on the rejection or acceptance of each specific cookie.  It should be noted however, that declining cookies may lead to a more difficult or impossible use of certain parts of the site.  The Site may use instruments such as the so-called "pixel tags", "web beacons", "clear GIFs" or similar instruments.  All of the above are called "Pixel Tags" and aim to collect aggregate statistics on the use of the Site and the response speed.  With the help of Pixel Tags the number of users who visited certain pages of the Site can be counted, branded services can be provided and the effectiveness of promotions or advertising campaigns can be determined.  When Pixel Tags are used in email messages that are written in HTML, they offer the possibility to the message sender to be informed about whether and when the message was opened by the recipient.

Applicable law - Jurisdiction

These present terms and conditions, any amendments thereto and the use of the Website are all governed by the Greek Law.  The courts of Athens are the designated competent courts for any dispute that may arise from the use of the Website.